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Face Swap is a photo-editing app that lets you do exactly what its name suggests: swap the faces of two people in the same photo. Once you switch the faces, you can also apply a lot of effects to the photo itself.

Face Swap is easy to use: just select a photo you have saved or use one from the app itself. Make sure it has at least two faces, and the app will automatically recognize them. You can also adjust these selections manually, of course, but the results are usually pretty good by default.

Once you select the faces, the app automatically switches them, though you can also manually adjust the details of this feature if you want. You can even change the background image. Before you save your new photo, you can apply different image filters and effects, and even add fun stickers.

Face Swap is a photo-editing app that produces some pretty entertaining results. Sometimes the results aren't perfect, but overall, it works well.
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